Brevis™ GC-2050 - Options

Injection Ports

Split/Splitless Injection Unit (SPL)


Enables tool-free column connection. Septum replacement is also possible.

Sealing mechanism ClickTek nut
Injection mode Split, Splitless, High Pressure Injection
Split ratio Up to 9999.9:1
Pressure range 0 to 1035 kPat
Maximum operating temperature 450 ℃

Supports capillary columns from 50 μm to 530 μm I.D. / Electronic septum purge comes built-in / Gas saver mode reduces gas consumption / Deactivation process (Option)


Flame Ionization Detector (FID)


The FlD shows good response for all organic compounds.

It is characterized by high robustness and a wide linear dynamic range

Minimum Detectable
Quantity (MDQ)
< 1.5 pg C/s (dodecane)
Linear dynamic range 1 × 107 (± 10 %)
Max acquisition rate 2 ms (500 Hz)
Maximum operating
450 ℃
Automatic extinguishing
Flow rate settings Makeup (N2 or He) : 0 to 100 mL/min
H2 : 0 to 100 mL/min
Air : 0 to 1000 mL/min

Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)


The detector of choice for trace-level analysis of phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) and tin (Sn) compounds

Minimum Detectable
Quantity (MDQ)
< 55.0 fg P/s (tributyl phosphate)
Minimum Detectable
Quantity (MDQ)
< 2.5 pg S/s (dodecanethiol)
Easy switching of luminous
P, S, Sn
Dynamic range Tributyl phosphate (P) : 1 × 104
Dodecanethiol (S) : 1 × 103
Max acquisition rate 2 ms (500 Hz)
Max operating temperature 450 ℃
Flow rate settings H2 : 0 to 250 mL/min
Air : 0 to 1000 mL/min

Electron Capture Detector (ECD)


The detector of choice for trace-level analysis of electrophilic compounds such as halogenated, organometallic and nitro compounds.

Minimum Detectable
Quantity (MDQ)
< 4.0 fg/s (Lindane)
Dynamic range 1 × 105
Max acquisition rate 2 ms (500 Hz)
Max operating temperature 400 ℃
Flow rate settings ECD gas (N2, Ar) : 0 to 200 mL/min

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Gas Filter

Impurities in gases, such as hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen, can contaminate the gas line and instrument, cause column degradation and affect the accuracy of your analysis results, which may lead to instrument downtime.


An AGE-1000 air gas purifier can be used to remove hydrocarbons from compressor air in order to generate compressed air with hydrocarbon levels lower than Grade 1 high-purity gas (hydrocarbon concentration of 100 ppb).

GC Consumables

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