Rich Libraries and a High-Performance Search Function

Approximately. 12,000-spectra library

A wide variety of libraries, including unique SHIMADZU libraries, reagents, polymers, and more are included as standard. Searching with standard libraries provides high-quality results without purchasing extra libraries.


· SHIMADZU Food additives library

· SHIMADZU Contaminants library

· Reagents

· Polymers

· Pharmaceutical products, agrichemicals

· Inorganic compounds, etc.

Total approx. 12,000 spectra

High-performance search functions

LabSolutions IR delivers high-quality of search results with 4 high-performance search methods (spectral search, peak search, text search and combination search) and libraries containing approximately 12,000 spectra. Libraries created on IRsolution and HYPER-IR and commercial libraries such as Sadtler and S.T. Japan can also be used. Simply drag spectra into a library to create a user library. Editing spectrum information or deleting a spectrum in a library is also very easy.

Search functions

・Spectral search

SHIMADZU’S unique search algorithm provide highly precise results.

・Peak search

If you only have an old spectrum chart, searching can be done with peak wavenumbers without a spectrum file.

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